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Thermal Trends takes pride in exceeding customer expectations to our Commitment in Budget Restraints, Quality, Design, Production, Capabilities and on time Delivery.
  • Since 1983 Thermal Trends Inc. has been an innovative leader in the Thermoforming and Vacuum forming industry. All our products are engineered and manufactured in our facilities. By producing all our proprietary products in-house, we can guarantee the highest quality at the budget and on time delivery. We can prepare your drawings or designs to be plastic manufacturing ready
  • Thermal Trends integrates its manufacturing processes to work seamlessly with yours

Thermal Trends Inc. is recognized and certified for the use of environmentally safe products. We’ve earned an over 99% performance rating. Completed orders are shipped within 24 hours or at your scheduled request.

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Thermoforming and vacuum forming services offer both a decorative cosmetic & textured look. In addition to fast full turnkey from design to production at excellent cost savings over tooling costs. Here are several more added advantages over injection molding that can be summarized as:
  • Top 3 advantages Quick, Efficient, and Low Cost.
  • Lead times for tooling and production are much shorter and cost-effective than other processes.
  • Replaces, wood, metal, fiberglass or plastic injection molded products at lower costs.
  • Faster product development and increased speed to market.
  • Large selection of material options from ABS, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene, acrylic, TPO, PETG, conductive materials, co-extruded materials, flame retardant materials and more.

Thermal Trend Plastic